Syrian Child Rehab Support | Beirut , Lebanon


World Compassion Fellowship will provide funding for a disabled Syrian refugee girl to receive ongoing rehabilitation and education support at a local rehabilitation center.


Rana, 9 years old, was born in Syria during the civil war there. She was born with a cleft lip and palate. After her birth, she has health complications resulting in developmental delay: speech, motor function, ability in thriving. She has had several surgeries, but they have all resulted in failure. Till the age of 4, she has been diagnosed with several problems that resulted from her lack of good therapy.

After her family fled to Lebanon, our church partner, RCB began assistance to the family.  Through the consultation of the church’s medical team, she was admitted to a rehabilitation center that has specialists who can take care of her 5 days per week.  She is provided her basic education, as well as occupational and physical therapy.  As a result, we have seen great progress over the past few years in her case.

On our recent visit there, we were amazed to see she was able to answer questions, draw pictures and do some basic writing.  Our Medical Life Center staff also provided a connection with another NGO that provided leg braces that cost almost $2,000.  We pray to be able to continue supporting her and her family through the rehabilitation center.