Philippines Free Medical/Dental Clinics | Pila , Philippines

The Philippines is a nation of many islands.  Its geographic location in the Pacific Ocean sits in the path of typhoons that continue to devastate many parts of the country leading to many deaths and displaced families.  At the same time, although the economy is stable overall, many of the provincial areas are suffering.  Medical and dental care in these areas are very difficult to come by for the average person.

Since 2009, World Compassion Fellowship has sponsored regular medical and dental teams to bring medical and dental care to almost 3,000 people collectively in the Pila, Laguna area.  WCF has responded to natural disasters such as the devastating Typhoon Haiyan as well as providing ongoing care in 2 prison facilities for inmates that have no other access to medical care.

Our last medical team in 2017 provided medical and dental care for 502 patients in several prisons and the Pila Laguna Community.