Medical/Dental Clinic Trip Uganda | Masaka , Uganda

[Please note that we completed our Medical Clinic Trip. Please see the Related Documents section for our Trip Report on our trip and you can read a blog post on the trip.  Our original Financial Goal was $6,500, but we spent $3,154.62 due to existing inventory, no dental costs since we were not able to have a dental volunteer and some shared costs with our parallel Uganda BAM seminars. Additional funds will be allocated to our next Medical Clinic Trip.  Thank you for your support!]

Uganda’s modern history has been marked by dictators such as Idi Amin. It’s estimated that 500,000 people died during the period of 1971 and 1985. Regional wars, the AIDS epidemic and famine have taken its toll on this society. There are an estimated 2 million orphans in Uganda. Outside of the major cities, there is very little access to healthcare services.

Since 2011, World Compassion Fellowship has sponsored medical and dental teams to work in various remote village areas surrounding the Masaka region of south Uganda.  We’ve been privileged to treat almost 2,000 patients overall.  Many of these communities have been ravaged by various diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS and for the vast majority of patients, it was the first time they’ve seen a physician or nurse in their lives.

For 2014, we will sponsor a new team that will both return to areas we’ve served in the past as well as to new areas that have not had healthcare services in the past.