Malawi Free Medical Clinics | Mzuzu , Malawi

For the average person, it is a challenge to simply receive basic testing such as blood pressure or blood glucose levels.  Easily treatable small wounds or cuts can lead to severe infections and thousands of people die of preventable and treatable illnesses every year. Given all these challenges, we typically meet patients who have never seen a medical person in their entire lives. Many of our patients only receive the medical care they need when our teams conduct our free medical clinics.

WCF has conducted medical and dental clinics since 2007 and has seen more than 3,300 registered patients in Mzuzu and Kande near Lake Malawi.  Countless more have received health care teaching on topics such as infection control, first aid, pediatric dehydration and nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, malaria, women’s health, mental illness, and more. We also provide continuing medical education for local medical professionals.  

Care provided at our medical clinics includes:

  • Assessment of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, temperature), height and weight
  • HIV, malaria and blood glucose testing
  • Consultation with medical practitioners (nurses, physicians)
  • Distribution of core medicines such as multivitamins, prenatal, iron pills, de-worming medicine
  • Treatment for malaria, ringworm, cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal, infections, wounds, musculoskeletal pain and other health problems
  • Distribution of reading glasses as needed