The vast majority of the world does not have access to adequate health care as we understand it in the Western world. In addition, much of the world suffers from illnesses and diseases that have been eradicated or greatly reduced in the West such as intestinal worms, malaria, infections, typhoid and others. We intentionally look to provide healthcare services in remote areas or to refugee populations where there’s limited to no access to such care. WCF also saw a need and provided health education and training to local healthcare workers and community leaders with particular emphasis on these impoverished areas.

Patients who come to our clinics will have their vital signs, blood glucose levels, height and weight measured and be tested for HIV and malaria. They will then have a consultation with a medical practitioner (nurse, doctor, or physician assistant) who will prescribe the appropriate medications and treatment. Every patient is given multivitamins and reading glasses are distributed as needed. We provide treatment for malaria, ringworm, cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal, infections, wounds, musculoskeletal pain and other health problems.

Syrian/Iraqi Refugee Medical Program

WCF sponsors the cost for providing ongoing medical care for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the Middle East

Sponsor Medical Volunteer Costs

Travel expenses for our medical and dental volunteers

Syrian Child Rehab Support

23% ($1,375) Raised

WCF sponsors the rehabilitation and education costs for a disabled Syrian girl

Iraq Disabled Persons Rehab Project

15% ($1,520) Raised

WCF is partnering with Operation Mercy to provide holistic rehabilitation care for Syrian refugee and Yazidi internally displaced families who require long term physical …

Sponsor Refugee Medical Team - David, Lin, Caleb and Shawna

38% ($975) Raised

David, Lin, Caleb and Shawna are members of Joy Manhattan Church in NYC who are joining WCF Mobile Medical Teams to the Middle East. Please partner with us as we mobili…


Philippines Free Medical/Dental Clinics

WCF sponsors the costs for conducting Free Medical and Dental Clinics for under-served and impoverished communities in the Laguna area


Malawi Free Medical Clinics

WCF sponsors the costs for conducting Free Medical Clinics in impoverished and remote areas in northern Malawi.


Medical Clinic Trip India

100% ($2,400) Raised

WCF will sponsor the cost of medical supplies and clinic costs for a volunteer medical team to conduct medical clinics in several locations in northern India.


Medical/Dental Clinic Trip Uganda

100% ($7,201) Raised

Medical and Dental Supplies and clinic costs for weeklong clinics in remote village areas in Uganda.


Medical Training Trip Cambodia

100% ($2,102) Raised

Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Healthcare Training in hygiene, nutrition, wound care, etc. for villages and training for healthcare workers in Cambodia.