Lebanon Life Centers - Jamie & Sandra | Beirut , Lebanon

Project Goal: Sponsor Health Professionals to Serve in our Medical Life Centers

Jamie and Sandra are long term volunteers from the United States that are serving at our WCF Lebanon Medical Life Centers.  Jamie is a licensed Social Worker and Physical Trainer and Sandra is a Registered Nurse with 26 years of experience.  They have served on numerous WCF Mobile Medical Clinic teams since 2007.  They have both felt a call to leave their relatively comfortable lives and careers in the United States to move with their 2 young children to the region in order to serve the refugee population here.  Our Medical Life Center will provide an opportunity for them to serve people who are increasingly having difficulty finding adequate and affordable health care as the refugee crisis endures year after year.

The WCF Lebanon Medical Life Centers are community medical centers that provide affordable primary and specialized medical care to war refugees.  They are situated in areas with large urban populations of refugees.  

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We hope to raise up $10,000 USD per year for their living costs while they serve at the Life Center.