Haiti ESL - Computer Life Center | Port-au-Prince , Haiti

PROJECT GOAL: Establish an English and Computer Learning Center in Port-au-Prince


The WCF Haiti Life Center’s mission is to provide holistic Job Skills Training to an impoverished community in Port-au-Prince.  WCF partners with Caribbean Grace Tabernacle (CGT), a ministry founded by Haitian national, Elsie Lherisson, in 1995. 


The WCF Haiti Life Center provides the following Services:

English Language (ESL) Training

  • 6 levels of English language instruction from basic beginner to advanced
  • Primary emphasis will be on practical conversation skills, with secondary emphasis on reading, writing and grammar.
  • Hands-on interaction and activities will be emphasized over lecture style
  • Conversation practice with American volunteers either in person or via Skype

Computer Skills Training

  • Basic Computer proficiency (e.g. Using Microsoft Windows)
  • MS Office proficiency (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word, MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint and MS Access)
  • Later phases: Web Development (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Later phases: Computer Programming (e.g. Java) 

Character/Leadership Training

Corruption at many levels is unfortunately a major challenge in Haiti.  It is currently ranked amongst the world’s most corrupt countries ranking 161 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s index of corrupt countries.  The need for training in strong character and leadership skills in business and society is of the upmost importance. All students will receive this ongoing training.

Vocational Skills Training

Other Skills will be made available based on the availability of Trainers and funding.  An example of skills we plan to provide:

  • Carpentry
  • Sewing

Nutrition/Food Program

  • Food program for the neediest children in 2 communities in Port-au-Prince and in Jacmel where they are provided a nutritious meal for 5 days/week.

Education Sponsorships

  • Education sponsorship for children and older youth who are in primary school to University.  Children that had been sponsored for years have ended up with careers as Medical Doctors and Computer Programmers.

WCF History in Haiti

WCF has been in Haiti since 2007 by sponsoring medical and dental clinics in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel.  WCF responded quickly when the 2010 earthquake hit by sponsoring medical relief teams within days of the disaster to our longstanding Haitian partners including Caribbean Grace Tabernacle (CGT) and Christ Love Center in Jacmel. 

In 2011, WCF began moving from the Relief phase to the Development phase by organizing job skills and business seminars as well as English camps for hundreds of youth and young adults.  Our English camps, most recently held in summer 2017, have been highly sought after and well attended.  Our students emphasized how English language proficiency is a must have in the job market.
Learning English is much in demand throughout the world and more so in Haiti, a French and Creole speaking nation situated very near English-speaking America, Canada and other English speaking Caribbean countries.  Many employers in Haiti are now asking for English proficiency as a job requirement.  For example, the tourism sector is growing despite the ongoing instability in the country.  Other businesses must interact with English language based businesses around the world.  English is also the universal language for Internet and business in general.  Proficiency in English is now highly valued and sought after. 
Computer literacy is also in as great demand as English literacy.  Office level jobs require a basic level of proficiency in software such as Microsoft Office.  However, most schools can only provide basic teaching about computers with no actual practical experience with a computer due to the lack of computers in the school.  Only the higher level private schools would have computer labs.  WCF's lab would provide students hands-on experience and practical training with computers.