Uganda Orphanage/School - Perimeter Fence Project | Uganda

[Please note that we completed our portion of this project. Please see the Related Documents section for our Completion Report.  Thank you for your support!]

The Touch A Life Destiny Orphanage/School is located in Masaka, Uganda. The orphanage is home to almost 300 children. Through this orphanage, the children are able to receive daily food, shelter and education. 

In addition to helping meet the daily needs, WCF would like to sponsor a project to build a perimeter fencing around the orphanage/school. Before beginning this project, in 2013, the orphanage/school did not have a secure way to enclose the campus grounds. WCF sponsoring the construction of a new fence will help them meet this need. With your continued partnership, we plan to fund the building material and labor costs associated with constructing this fence. When the fence is completed, the key areas of the orphanage/school grounds will be made more secure.