Round 2 COVID-19 Food/Hygiene Care Kits | Amman , Jordan

PROJECT GOAL: 2nd Round: Food and Hygiene Care Kits for Refugee, IDP and Vulnerable Families in Middle East and South Asia


Due to the unprecedented and unrelenting COVID-19 global pandemic, the ongoing need for humanitarian care has been critical.  This Project will provide Food  and Hygiene Care Kits that consist of rice, beans, canned foods and hygiene and disinfectant supplies for refugee and impoverished families in the Middle East and South Asia.  In addition to our original 6 target countries - Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, India and Pakistan - WCF is adding Yemen due to the terrible effects of the ongoing Civil War there.

Each Kit costs on average $75 USD and will be sufficient for at least one month's supply for a family of 4-6 people. 

Donating to this project will enable WCF to give to the most needed families based on current conditions.


The whole world has been suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic both from the direct health crisis as well as the economic crisis caused by the lockdowns and massive loss of jobs.  Thanks to a generous grant from Harold C Smith Foundation and other generous donors, WCF was able to do an initial Relief project in 6 countries where we have strong local partners to help more than 13,000 families (78,000 people).  The testimonies of our beneficiary families moved us greatly.

For example, in Jordan, a Syrian refugee family of 9 members said, ‘We would like to thank you from all of our hearts for your help and standing with us in our difficult situation. Our financial situation is very bad, especially with my dad being unemployed and sick (diabetic) and my mother has thyroid problems. Your gift just came in time, thank you for your love and assistance.’

In India, we distributed care packages to 300 leper families.  They were ‘more than happy to receive the relief packages, since they had scarcely anything to eat for the last few days. The people who live in the leprosy colonies hardly expected this act of generosity…they expressed both joy and thankfulness’. 

This has inspired us to start a 2nd Round of COVID-19 Relief.  We will be working again with Harold C Smith Foundation, but with your partnership, we can maximize our impact to provide this critical aid.