Lebanon COVID-19 Hygiene/Food Care Kits | Beirut , Lebanon

PROJECT GOAL: Hygiene and Food Care Kits for Refugee Families in Lebanon


Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic, the need for humanitarian care has increased exponentially.  This Project will provide Hygiene and Food Care Kits that consist of hygiene and disinfectant supplies, diapers, rice, canned foods, milk and other critical food supplies for war refugee and impoverished families in Lebanon.  Each Kit costs between $55 - $75 USD and will be sufficient for at least one month's supply for a family of 4-6 people.  The Kits may also consist of partial food vouchers to be redeemed for specific items at local groceries.  Every partner and region has different needs and approaches that make sense in their local context.


Lebanon, with an original population of 4 million, has more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees and tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees throughout the country, the most refugees per capita in the world.  For now, there is great fear that Lebanon holds thousands of people affected by COVID-19 particularly among the refugee communities, but aren’t being reported, according to the ‘Guardian’. 

Our Medical Life Center in Nabaa continues to operate and we’re seeing and hearing of symptomatic cases, although we are referring suspected cases to the central hospital system.  All the refugees are now being hit in multiple ways – the banking crisis that devalued the currency by half, the healthcare system in crisis with medical staff not being paid and most refugees living in squalor, crammed into small apartments with multiple families and unhygienic conditions.  If the pandemic reaches these communities, the effect could be catastrophic for a country already on the brink.  Our Project will serve primarily Syrian Refugees, but will also include Iraqi Refugees and some of the poorest Lebanese. 

WCF has brought medical teams to Lebanon since 2014 and we established 2 Medical Life Centers in Nabaa and Ardeh to serve mostly the refugee population.  For this Project, we are working with our original local partners RCB as well as Heart For Lebanon and Kingdom Partnership Network to reach 3,150 families throughout Lebanon.