Jordan COVID-19 Hygiene/Food Care Kits | Amman , Jordan

PROJECT GOAL: Hygiene and Food Care Kits for Refugee Families in Jordan


Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic, the need for humanitarian care has increased exponentially.  This Project will provide Care Kits that consist of hygiene, disinfectant supplies, rice, beans and canned foods for war refugee and impoverished families in Jordan.  Each Kit costs $50 USD and will be sufficient for at least one month's supply for a family of 4-6 people. 


There are hundreds of thousands of Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni and other refugees who have fled war in their respective countries over the years to Jordan.  Large groups of refugees are living in formal camps such as Zaatari.  However, the majority live in local Jordanian communities crammed into poor housing and dependent upon aid agencies for basic necessities.  The Jordanian social services system had already been strained in trying to serve the refugee populations and the COVID-19 crisis is now stretching the capacities of the Jordanian government and the existing NGOs. 

Jordan went into lockdown mode starting in March.  The borders were closed March 10 and the last international flight was allowed on March 17.  Schools, Universities, most stores and gatherings of any size have been banned.  The country is now under martial law with a curfew.  The side effect of the lockdowns across Jordan have cost virtually all of the refugees capable of working to lose their jobs. 

WCF brought medical teams to Jordan in 2019 and we are working with local partners such as Global Hope Network International, Alliance Church and Zarqa Nazarene Church to bless the neediest families in Jordan.