Iraq COVID-19 Food/Hygiene Care Kits | Dohuk , Iraq

PROJECT GOAL: Food and Hygiene Care Kits for Refugee, IDP and Vulnerable Families in Iraq


Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic, the need for humanitarian care has increased exponentially.  This Project will provide Hygiene and Food Care Kits that consist of hygiene, disinfectant supplies, rice, beans and canned foods for refugee and impoverished families in Iraq. 

Each Kit costs $50 USD and will be sufficient for at least one month's supply for a family of 4-6 people. 


Iraq has faced the lingering effects of multiple civil wars since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003 including the terrible ISIS-led genocide (2014-2017).  Millions of people either fled as refugees or were internally displaced, most of whom ended up in Northern Iraq.  Our ministry friends in Northern Iraq have ongoing humanitarian relationships with Refugee/Internall Displaced Person (IDP) camps in the region that house hundreds of thousands of refugees.  Most of these are Yazidi IDP camps where they fled the ISIS genocide in Sinjar.  Yazidis were being systematically targeted by ISIS for slaughter and their girls taken as sex slaves.  The conditions in the camps were extremely difficult to begin with, where adequate food and toiletry supplies were already scarce prior to the lockdowns.  Now, most of those that had daily wage jobs have lost those jobs and the families in the region are becoming increasingly desperate.

WCF has been serving Iraqi refugees in the region since 2013, but more recently sent a mobile Medical Team to Northern Iraq to serve IDPs.  WCF has partnerships with various local ministries.  Our COVID-19 Relief Project will serve primarily Yazidi and Iraqi Arab IDPs, Syrian Refugees and impoverished local Iraqi (Kurds, Assyrian, Chaldean, Armenian) families.