WCF aims to equip individuals with the skills they need in business. These skills give them the ability to support their families and to affect positive change and growth in their community.

English proficiency and computer skills are much in demand, as they are essential for success in the job market. Services account for over 50% of Nicaragua’s GDP, and many of the jobs in this sector (hotels, restaurants, government services, etc.) require these skills.

WCF has developed a customized intensive English proficiency program that provides not only grammar and vocabulary but also conversational and practical English skills. 

The Computer Class curriculum was designed to deliver knowledge in Web Development (e.g. HTML/CSS), basic Excel, Windows, and PowerPoint.

Through business training seminars and mentoring, WCF provides the tools necessary for entrepreneurs and small business owners to create an opportunity for themselves and their communities. Seminar topics include classes on Entrepreneurship, Business Plans, Budgeting, Marketing, Customer Service, Risk Management and Business Ethics.