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WCF sponsors a Holistic Education Program (Divine Child Development Program - DCDP) for the poorest of the poor with our partner Divine Welfare Trust.  This Program provides for a comprehensive Education Sponsorship, but goes beyond just tuition costs.  It also provides tutors, books, supplies, nutrition and healthcare resources as well as social skills and other holistic needs for these children.


In India, one in four school-aged children does not attend school. Only 32 in 100 children complete their education at the appropriate age. Additionally, only 2% of schools offer comprehensive education from Classes 1-12. (

The Divine Child Development Program (DCDP) seeks to provide a holistic education for the poorest of the poor.  Many of the children, could not attend school simply because of cost.  Those for which the families could scrape up the funds for school had deplorable drop-out rates, primarily due to an inability of the parents to help the children with their school assignments; most of the parents have themselves never attended school.  DCDP not only provides tuition supplements (in needful cases, full tuition) but also provides for tutors, books and supplies, nutrition and healthcare resources.

Currently, there are 70 children in this program, although the need is for much more to join.  Our goal is to not only develop the children in education but also to inspire them to complete their education, learn essential social and sanitary skills, increase in social awareness and to become active citizens, who will impact the future of India and beyond.  Through DCDP, the children whose parents saw little in the future now glow; they dream and are hopeful and enthusiastic about their future.  The program is also transforming parents; whereas some were extremely negative to the value of education, they now applaud the changes and development of their children.  Besides tuition, the program includes tutors, books and supplies, health, nutrition and social skills development.

Divine Welfare Trust (DWT) is a local Indian NGO that has been serving the communities of Asansol, West Bengal, India for more than ten years.  With a focus on helping those least capable of supporting themselves, Divine Welfare Trust supports projects that assist poor families, regardless of religious beliefs and background.  Divine Welfare Trust has a particular interest to invest in poor children, which it believes is the future of India.  Projects combine a high degree of local initiative (all projects are conceived, initiated and executed by India locals), holistic helping models and an extraordinary commitment to accountability and transparency.

World Compassion Fellowship and Divine Welfare Trust are partnering together, helping the Indian people help themselves.  Your contributions will increase our ability to improve the lives of thousands, in a way that promotes their dignity and self-worth.