Dominican Republic English Camp | Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic

[Please note that we completed our DR English Camp Trip. We held 2 English Camps in Santo Domingo and at 36 Kilometer with a total of 149 students. The original budget was $2000 and the actual was $1,541.55 covered by our 'Where Most Needed' Donations. Please see the Related Documents section for our complete Trip Report.  Thank you for your support!]

Most people think of vacation and beaches when they hear of the Dominican Republic. Although there is a well-developed tourist industry in the country, the reality is far from idyllic. The country struggles with a variety of social problems such as poverty, alcoholism and human and narco trafficking.

This year, we will have an intensive beginner/intermediate/advanced English Camp for the week in two separate impoverished locations.  Learning English is much in demand throughout the world and especially in the DR, a Spanish speaking nation situated very near the United States, its English speaking neighbor.  As part of the WCF’s long-term sustainability initiative, we plan to use the English Camp as a way to help the community learn skills for jobs to support themselves.  In addition, we plan to conduct a simplified business seminar for the community.