Dominican Republic Business Training Program | Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic

Although the Dominican Republic has a large tourist and agricultural industry, unemployment is at 15% and 41% of the population lives below the poverty line. 

For the long term development of the Santo Domingo community, we are working with our ministry partners to introduce ways to teach practical skills for individuals to provide for their own families.  As part of this initiative, we held an English Camp for 2 communities in 2014 where over 150 participants were able to learn conversational English.  In addition, our team held an evening Business Seminar session for about 110 participants. 

The success of these programs led us to the next step of conducting 2 business seminars in Santo Domingo in February 2015.  The Seminar provided training in areas such as business ethics, preparing business plans, marketing, customer service, risk management and other topics. Ongoing training/mentoring is needed.