Business Seminar Trip Uganda | Uganda

[Please note that we completed our Business Seminar Trip. We held 2 seminars in Masaka and in Kampala and had 250 total attendees.  Please see the Related Documents section for our complete Trip Report.  Thank you for your support!]

Uganda's economy is one of the poorest in the world and it is ranked 174th out of 195 countries as measured by GDP per capita according to CIA World Facts. However, the country has great potential with its significant natural resources and strategic location in Africa. Its greatest potential is in its people, but they lack opportunity, jobs and training. 

As part of WCF's overall involvement in Uganda, bringing volunteer business professionals to help train Ugandan Nationals to conduct business for themselves is as important as bringing medical and dental teams and building and supporting an orphanage.

WCF has developed business training materials that we have adapted for Uganda since we first began our business seminars in 2012.

In 2012, our seminars had more than 150 attendees ranging from school directors, computer shop owners, retail shopkeepers, office workers, farmers and entrepreneurs.  Our workshops consisted of practical trainings such as budgeting, marketing, customer care, human resources and business ethics.

In 2013, we continued with follow-up workshops that focused on creating and developing a business plan.  We also met with numerous groups of farmers to teach them farming techniques (using a local expert), resource management and creating a budget for their farms and homes.

In 2014, we will conduct a new series of business seminars that will be useful for previous attendees as well as for new audiences and new locations.  Consider partnering with us as we continue our efforts to enable Ugandans to become self-sufficient in business.

[5/19/14: Note Adjustments to Budget: We have updated budget numbers from our Uganda partners, added a lunch to the full day Kampala seminar day, dropped the transportation cost and added travel expense for Bobbie Watkins as WCF event facilitator and presenter. This results in a new number of $4,400 from $2,150]