Our organization helps develop sustainability in communities that struggle to meet basic needs. We provide food assistance, constructing water projects, support day-to-day needs for orphanages, assist in disaster relief and similar humanitarian programs. We are compelled by compassion to act with whatever resources that we have in hands. In the third world areas that we’re committed to working, there is no social net as we have in the West, which lead to many that will suffer from a lack of these basic necessities that we may take for granted.

Uganda Orphanage/School - Bathroom/Sanitation Project

100% ($20,886) Raised

Building a full bathroom with 12 toilets at the facility to replace existing 'squat holes' in the ground at Touch A Life Destiny Orphanage


Uganda Orphanage/School - Perimeter Fence Project

100% ($8,000) Raised

Construction material and labor costs for building a perimeter securing a fence around the Touch A Life Destiny orphanage/school.