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Dominican Republic

WCF provides Business Seminars, English and Computer Classes to help equip youth and adults in the Dominican Republic.


WCF provides Education Sponsorships, Food Programs and intensive English, Computer and Vocational Training courses to equip disadvantaged young people with skills in orde…


WCF sponsors multiple projects such as educational sponsorships and food programs to at-risk children in West Bengal, free medical and dental clinics, and intensive Engli…


WCF is establishing 2 Medical Life Centers in Beirut and northern Lebanon


WCF sponsors a range of projects such as the Medical Life Center, free mobile medical/dental clinics and business training and mentoring for local entrepreneurs.


WCF sponsors free business, English, and computer skills classes.


WCF sponsors medical and dental teams to bring free medical and dental care to the Pila, Laguna area including several prison facilities.


WCF provides Business Seminars to equip aspiring and current business owners with practical business skills and knowledge that will help them provide for their families …


WCF sponsors free medical clinics as well as ongoing medical care sponsorships to war refugees in the region


WCF sponsors free business seminars, orphanage building projects, and free medical and dental clinics in Kampala and the remote village areas around Masaka and near Lake …