Financial Accountability

World Compassion Fellowship’s goal is to be consistently accountable in its current and future envisioned humanitarian, missions and business activities.
WCF Accountability Structure:

  • WCF wants to demonstrate, to those who have entrusted their funds, that it understands, has accepted and is fulfilling its responsibilities. This is often called “upward accountability.”
  • Accountability is being responsible to others as well as being responsible for ourselves. WCF wants to ensure and show that, as an organization for empowered and accountable individuals is able to fulfill its responsibilities. This is often termed “internal accountability” This relates to the WCF mission, value, staff and volunteers.
  • Accountability is about sharing, responsibility with others. WCF intends to work with peer organizations/individuals (“horizontal accountability") and ultimate beneficiaries (“downward accountability'") to ensure it is able to not only fulfill its responsibilities but do it with excellence.