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Lebanon Relief and Rebuilding

WCF is working with our field partners to help in multiple ways: Food/Hygiene/Children Care Packages, repairing homes, schools and churches, and providing subsidized medicine and medical care to patients at our Medical Life Center.

Haiti Life Center - Pandemic Update

During the COVID-19 pandemic, HLC had to shut down, but re-opened in August...

Global COVID-19 Relief Project Overview

WCF partnered with 16 local ministries in 6 countries to provide a month's supply of Food and Hygiene Care packages to over 13,000 families, representing almost 80,000 people.

Lebanon Field Report - COVID-19 Relief Project

Lebanon, with an original population of 4 million, has more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees and tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees throughout the country, the most refugees per capita in the world...

Jordan Field Report - COVID-19 Relief Project

WCF and our partners have provided Food and Hygiene Care Packages and Food Vouchers to a total of 2,500 families all throughout Jordan.